Friday, March 14, 2014

March Sewing with Sandy

We’re a little early this month because I’m going to be gone at the end of the month.   So, we had to put the pedal to the metal (or foot to pedal), to get as many projects done as we could.    We actually did really well, only leaving 1 left to finish which I’ll show in April. 
This was my month to choose the projects to work on. 
Ongoing is our Buttermilk Basin “By Thy Hands BOM”. 
Sandy finished this one.
This one is mine.  
And here’s mine where I have it displayed with the candle holder that Mr. CnW made.  
This next project was another freebie design off the internet by Twigs and Sprigs.   The project was just the stitchery, so we both had to get creative when finishing it.   Sandy made hers into a little mat.
And I made mine into a pillow.  Whew, the designing process is not an easy thing for me.  I can’t begin to tell you how much graph paper I used.   LOL  
I picked another project out of the book “All Things Primitive” by Backyard Quilts.  (Lisa Bongean’s previous company).   It’s called “St. Nick” and is really small.  It only measures 7” x 13”.  Quick and easy.  
This is Sandy’s.
After seeing hers, I realized I forgot to put the rusty star on my hat.   Oops, looks like it’s now a UFO!   Smile
Continuing on with selecting quilts from the book “101 Fabulous Small Quilts”.   I chose “Vintage Bow Ties”.  Sandy used her Civil War fabric stash to make hers.
I made 2 because I wasn’t happy with the dark one.  
Next up is a design by “Cheri Quilts” called “Homemade Holidays”.   This time our versions were very similar. 
A last minute addition were these darling little stitcheries, so fast and easy to whip up.   
They were out of this little booklet that I got quite a few years ago when I worked at the quilt shop.   I don’t think the designer is in business anymore.   If anyone knows differently, let me know.  

( Debbie just emailed me this link to some of their patterns...Homespun Peddler)
So, that’s it for our monthly projects.    But…in my quest to get some things finished that have been lingering in piles in my closet, I managed to hand quilt this little wool wall hanging.   It’s called “Harvest Moon” by “Heart to Hand”.   
I can’t remember who this next pattern is by or what it’s called.   I think I made the flimsy about 6 or 7 years ago.  I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with quilting my own projects (just the LITTLE ones).  Feels so good to get things finished and watch the piles go down.  
Remember last month?  Sandy hadn’t finished this little wool project because she was going to make a frame.  Well, during her kitchen remodel, one of the guys used her wood for something else, so she said “to heck with it” and made a cute pillow.   
Well, that’s it for March (other than the one project that didn’t get finished in time for our reveal).  
Hope you’re all getting some better weather.   We are getting warmer and the sun is feeling so good.   Still need a few more degrees to be able to get outside and garden tho.   
See you next month.   
Hugs, Anne

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February sewing with Sandy

It’s that time again to share the projects that Sandy (no blog) and I worked on in February. 

This month Sandy chose all the projects.  

We continued working on our BOM Buttermilk Basin little mats called “By thy Hands”

This one is mine.


And here it is with my candle holder.


This is Sandy’s.  She had already made the February one and called it December’s, so she made up her own design.  Cute, huh?


Next up is a pattern from Lisa Bongean when she used to be known as “Backyard Quilts”.  It’s from the book “All things Primitive”.   The name of the pattern is Holly & Hearts Wool Pillow.  

This one is mine. I got the frame at Michael's.


Sandy is making her own frame but didn’t quite get it finished.  More on that later!


This pillow design is by JoAnn Mullaly from her book “Folk Branches”.   It’s called the Heart Branch pillow.  

This one is mine.  


And here’s Sandy and her pillow.


As I said last month, we are making quilts from the “101 Fabulous Quilts” book.   This month we chose “Nine Patch Nostalgia”.  

Here’s mine. 


And Sandy’s…


We are always on the lookout for freebie patterns on the internet.   This one comes from Pleasantree’s blog.  It only measures 11” x 15” and is so adorable.   This one is mine.


Sandy decided to make hers a bit larger by adding an inner border and then slightly wider outer border.   It’s still not very big, tho.


Our next project was taken from another free design by Twigs and Sprigs.   I actually had the pattern, given to me by my friend, Patty.   However, it’s now available as a freebie.  Check out the designs and then have fun putting your touch on them.   I decided to do mine in wool on a flannel background.  


Sandy did the stitchery version and then decided she wanted a wool version too.    I love the vertical placement she did on the framed one.  


And all together.  


Another little freebie came from Cheryl Wall of “Country Quilts”.   It’s called “Christmas at the Cabin Sachet” and measures 6” x 6”.    It was really fun to make and oh so quick and easy.  I stuffed mine with fiberfill because I’m allergic to scents, but it would be really nice filled with some “smellies”.

This gives you a good reference as to how small it is.   This one is mine.




Now, if that wasn’t enough, I wanted to finish something that I had sitting around (for years).   This is called “Snowmen” (duh) and it’s from the book “Hollyberry Stitcheries” by Kindred Spirits.   It’s the same book that we used for the little primitive Christmas tree that we made last month.  Great book.  


And Sandy saw this design on Pinterest and decided to whip one up for herself.  


Over the years you’ve heard about Sandy being the whiz kid at getting so many projects finished. Well, now you’ll have a new found respect for her, because in addition to getting all her projects finished (except for the frame), this is what’s going on in her house.  

A total kitchen remodel!!!   They started right after Christmas and have been living in chaos for the past 2 months.    She amazes me!


Once it’s finished, I’ll get her to show us the “after”. 

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry (poor California).   We had a couple of inches of snow overnight, and it’s really pretty and pristine outside right now.   It’s a perfect day to start on our March projects.  

Hugs, Anne

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I had a few inquiries about this quilt.   I couldn’t answer you individually because you are “no reply” commenters.  That means that your email address doesn’t show up when I try to reply back to you.    You might want to change that in your settings.  A couple of blogs that have instructions on how to do that are Woolie Mammoth and Humble Quilts.  Good Luck.


The quilt can be found in the book “A Nice Mix” by Gerry Kimmel-Carr.   It is out of print but you might try eBay or Amazon for used copies. 

The little critters in each row were designed by Verna Mosquera who was the teacher I took the class from.   Those are not part of the original design in the book.  

Good Luck in your search for the book.  

I want to thank all of you who took the time to stop by and comment on my little quilt show.   It really meant a lot to me. 

I’m getting the pictures together for the February projects that Sandy and I did.  Hoping to get that posted tomorrow!

Hugs, Anne

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Featured Quilter


I was humbled and honored to be chosen as the Featured Quilter for February at Quiltworks here in Bend, OR.  There is always a reception on the first Friday of the month to open the gallery.   This month, however, we had a big snowstorm and for the first time ever, the reception was cancelled.  The funny thing about that is….I had a dream the previous weekend that no one came to the reception.  Looks like that was a foreshadowing of what actually happened.  Even I didn’t show up!

Oh well, the quilts will be up the whole month.     I thought I’d give you an overview of how the gallery looked with all the quilts hanging.   It was overwhelming for me to see a lot of my quilts hanging in one place. 


This is the view once you get to the loft.











Because of where they were displayed, a couple of the quilts were hard to photograph in the overview.




Mr CnW thought I needed to be in one of the pictures!


And this is me pointing to my bio that I wrote.  Looks like I got a bit carried away since it ended up on 2 pieces of paper.  I usually don’t have that much to say about myself.  Smile


A huge thanks to Marilyn and Dave (owners) and Mary Ann (their fabulous employee in charge of the display) for choosing me to be your Featured Quilter for February.  

If you are ever in Bend, be sure and stop by the shop and take a look at that month’s display.   It’s a wonderful experience.  

Next week, I’ll share the February projects that Sandy and I have finished up!

Hugs, Anne