Thursday, March 31, 2016

March show and tell

Happy spring everyone.   Doesn't it feel good to have some warm sun shining on you?   Yesterday was the first fairly warm day in Central Oregon and it was so refreshing. Hoping for  more days just like it.  

We had our monthly show and tell last week at our Woolies gathering and we had a few more participants than last month.  So, here we go.

First up, Leslie had 3 projects for us.   She's really been bitten by the wool craze.  It's fun to have another addicted friend!

She made these next two from the "101 Fabulous Small Quilts book "

Linda showed us her Buttermilk Basin goodies.

The last 2 blocks are the first blocks of a Halloween quilt.

Sandy was very productive getting this applique quilt completely finished.  It's designed by Norma from Timeless Traditions.   We both bought the kit at the same time....hers is finished...mine?   Not so much!

Hopefully you'll see mine sometime!

This next one is part of the Indygo Junction monthlies.    It's the March installment.

These next ones are mine.  

My friend Patty in Calif, gave me the kit for this one as a Christmas gift.   I just love it.   It's called "Simplicity" by My Red Door Designs

And this one is called "Pinwheel Puzzle" and is part of the Kindred Spirits club by the ladies from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. 

Another monthly from Buttermilk Basin is this little one for May in the series called "Sew" Simple BOM. 

And another Buttermilk Basin pattern called "C is for Chicks".  I bought the kit from Karen at My Yellow Farmhouse quite a few years ago.   Woo Hoo, another kit busted!

Funny thing about this next one.   Last year during the holidays, I was addicted to all the wonderful pictures on Instagram where people were sharing their decorating.  I kept seeing a theme of red and white quilts, so told myself that I was going to make myself one in 2016.   While looking thru all my unfinished quilts, I came upon an almost finished red and white Irish Chain.   I honestly don't even remember making it.   (Not good!).   Anyway, I got it finished in a day and off to the quilter it went.   

Like the one Sandy showed above, I did 2 of the Indygo Junction monthlies.   We both got the kits from Karen.   You can tell what months they are for.  LOL 

I think it was a very productive month for the group.   I'm continuing weeding through all my UFO's and kits.   I'm bound and determined to make a dent in the pile by the end of the year.  

Can you believe that tomorrow is April?  I'm really ready for some warmer weather but Springtime in Bend is pretty iffy.   Sun one day, snow the next.   You never know what you're gonna get.   Keeps us on our toes. 

See you next month. 

Hugs, Anne

Monday, February 29, 2016

A little show n tell.

Well, last month I told you that Sandy and I were not going to be doing our projects together anymore, rather, we would be concentrating on tackling our kits and UFO's.  After much soul searching, we both realized that our monthly show and tell day was a huge motivator to actually get our projects completed.  So, we decided to continue that tradition even though we would be working on different things

We talked to the Woolies about this and invited the whole group to join us for a group show and tell at the last meeting of the month. A few of the ladies joined in this month, but hopefully, more will participate in months to come.   Kind of short notice!

So, here we go.

First up is Lori who joined the Kim Dielh Simple Whatnots club #4.

And then she showed us her Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman.   I am working on it now and wanted to see how many blocks she put in hers when setting it on point.  I love this setting. 

Sandy brought in a couple of finished ones.  This first one is from the Kindred Spirits Club by the ladies of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.    

And this one is an old pattern by Indygo Junction in their series called "A Folk Quilt of the Month"

Mari brought in 14 sets of little pairs of mats that she's giving to her quilting friends at her next retreat.   Don't you wish you were one of those friends?   She got the designs from other patterns that she has and also came up with some of them on her own. 

She made 14 sets but it looks like one set was being passed around when I took the pictures.   

Next, Anna just got back from a cruise where Stacy from Buttermilk Basin and Lisa from Primitive Gatherings were the instructors.   She's already finished this one that Lisa designed.    Speedy Gonzales, there. 

Check out all the fun stitches she used on the flower. 

I got quite a bit accomplished in February.  First up is the monthly series from Buttermilk Basin called "Sew Simple".  This one is for April. 

This one is called "Scarecrow" by Chestnut Junction. 

And this one is my version of the Kindred Spirits Club.   I forgot to mention that the name of the pattern is Two Way Street.    If you go back and look at Sandy's, you'll see that even though we both had the exact same kit, we still managed to make them differently.   
We even put the flying geese going in different directions.   LOL   
I have it next to the one we did last month.   

I did the Indygo Junction little monthly for October.   

Last May when I visited Karen in Minnesota, she took us to Sewing Seeds in New Ulm.  This is their Row by Row from 2014.  I bought the kit but finished it as a wall hanging instead of a row.  
If you're ever in that neck of the woods, be sure and check out the shop.  It's absolutely darling.
Sorry that the picture is washed out.   The light from the window next to it was giving me fits.    

I've had this little stitchery half finished for years.   
Decided to get it done as part of my UFO busting. 
It's called "Little Blessings" by Twigs n Sprigs.  I don't think the designer is in business anymore. 

And last up is a pattern by Primitive Stitches called "Be My Valentine". Another half finished project that needed the borders. 

So, that's it for February.   I met my challenge and have many more UFO's to get done.   
Wish me luck.  

See you next month. 

Hugs, Anne

Sunday, January 31, 2016

December and January sewing with Sandy

Hi there….It’s been awhile, huh?   So sorry.  
It seems like the less I blog, the harder it is to get back to it. 

We didn’t have a show and tell in December because it was such a crazy month, so we showed both December and January projects last week.
Like always, Sandy’s quilts are first and mine are below hers.  

This one is called“Winter” by Country Threads

And this one was a freebie on the internet a few years ago.  
It’s called “Trees on the table” by Marcie Patch of Patchalot Patterns. 
 Check out how different they are. The pattern gave different ways to make the trees.

We can’t get by without doing our Buttermilk Basin monthlies.  
This one is called “Sew Simple BOM” and it’s the Feb installment

Create and Decorate magazine had this one as a project back in 2007.  
It’s in the Holiday issue. 

Last fall, we signed up for the Kindred Spirits Club through Fat Quarter Shop.  
 The patterns and fabric are by the talented ladies of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  
 This one is called “Split Decision”.  
Funny thing, even though we had the same fabrics and the same pattern, 
we still managed to make them a bit different. 

This next project ended  up being both of our favorites.  
It’s called “Autumn Time” by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.  

We each interpreted this next one very differently.  
It’s called “Block Garden” by Mountain Patchwork.

Another monthly by Buttermilk Basin in the Sew Simple series.  
This one is March. 

And last up is “Prim Valentine” by Primitive Stitches

Oops, I forgot to put the little bells on my bow.   Darn!

So….that’s it for show and tell.  And….that’s it for us for awhile.  
We both decided to take a break this year from these projects to work on things that we’ve set aside for the past 2 years.   
Lot’s of UFO’s to get done and some larger quilts that we didn’t have time for.   
We did over 100 projects and had so much fun. 

The biggest accomplishment for me was tackling the quilting on all these little goodies.   
I now know that I’m not very good at freemotion quilting and will leave quilts that need it to the professionals, but I can very confidently do straight line quilting using my walking foot.   
Sometimes, even making decent curves with it. 
We both hope you’ve enjoyed our journey.  
We are so appreciative of all the nice comments you’ve left. 
I promise to continue to show you what we are working on and, hopefully, 
I will  post at least once or twice a month.   
I’m not going away!

Hugs, Anne

Friday, November 13, 2015

October and November sewing with Sandy


It looks like I’m a little late for the October show and tell and a bit early for the November show, so I guess we’ll just call it “even”.  


We only had 3 projects for October because I was gone on a cruise and a bit of other travelling on the East Coast for 3 weeks.  I took some projects with me to work on, but somehow they never made it out of the suitcase. 


Both Mr CnW and I caught nasty colds before we ever even made it onto the ship.  Mine ended in a sinus infection.  We powered through the trip tho.  


Anyway, I digress….now on with the show.     As always, Sandy’s are first and mine are second.   (I sound like a broken record, I know, but you never know when new blog readers might have just found me.)  


This is a Country Threads pattern called “Basket and Pumpkin”



And, finally, we have finished up a year’s worth of banners by Buttermilk Basin.  This one is “December”



And the last one for October is by Plays with Wool, called “Pumpkins”.




Now on to November projects. 

First up is one we did last year, but decided to do the whole series this year to put on the cute little wire hangers.  Sandy hasn’t gotten her hanger yet. 

It’s by Buttermilk Basin called “Sew” Simple BOM.  This one is January.


Here’s what the hanger looks like.  These little mats are 6 inches square.


Next up is a little stitchery from the book “Hollyberry Sticheries” by Kindred Spirits.“



And here’s another Buttermilk Basin design called “With thy Needle – Thy time is mine”.  It’s the one for December.



continuing on….the is a pattern from Quilts by Cheri called “Merry Christmas”



When I was pulling the patterns to get the names for you, I realized we really are huge Buttermilk Basin fan.   Another BOM from Stacy is the Basin Cotton Club.   This one is “January”.  Looks like Sandy and I were both thinking “fall” with our choice of colors.   It’s funny because we don’t talk to each other at all about our projects before the reveal.

Sandy added some cute little pumpkins on hers.



So, that’s it!   Who knows what December will bring?  It all depends on our free time.  So much going on at this time of year.  


Thanks for stopping by.  I know you all have busy lives so I just want you to know how much I appreciate you all.


Hugs, Anne